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Executive Director

Eagle Mountain Pregnancy HC is a pro-life, abstinence only, Christian based organization. We are run solely on the donations of Churches and individuals in the community, and staffed by a Director, Assistant Director, Office Assistant, Translator, and Volunteers. We operate under the authority of God first and then a Board of Directors.

Personal Qualifications

  • Be a committed follower of Jesus Christ who demonstrates love for God and love for others 
  • Exhibits a firm commitment and dedication to the sanctity of human life, beginning at point of conception through the end of natural life
  • Demonstrates a commitment to prayer and the Bible for seeking God’s direction, decision-making, leadership amidst uncertainty, conflict resolution, and all other matters 
  • Be a member or regular worship attender in a local church
  • Present a pastoral letter attesting to excellent character and submission to Christ and His Word
  • Takes initiative and works well with others
  • Agrees with and will uphold the Center’s Statement of Purpose 

Experience Qualifications

  • Minimum one year experience as a ministry volunteer required
  • Minimum two years general management experience exhibiting servant leadership preferred

Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate and work collegially with the Board of Directors to identify, create, and carry out strategic plans to fulfill and further the mission of the Center
    • Keep the Board apprised of industry trends, changes, and opportunities
    • Keep the Board apprised of issues that may cause impact on the Center’s operations, finances, or community image
    • Prepare agenda for and attend monthly or called Board meetings 
  • Provide managerial support, direction, and supervision of the Center according to policy
  • Identify, recruit, train, and retain a team of qualified employees who are committed to the mission of the Center and competent to fulfill its objective to serve others
    • Provide encouragement, coaching, growth, and personal development of workers
  • Monitor Center operations and ensure employee and business practices comply with the Center’s policies, regulatory and legal requirements 
  • Oversee and maintain accountability for finances and expenses of the Center
    • Work with treasurer and staff to prepare an annual budget
  • Recruit, train, and utilize volunteers to fill roles and activities that are appropriate and meaningful in helping the Center fulfill its mission to clients and the community
  • Exhibit servant leadership in all relationships with the Board, employees, volunteers, clients, and community
  • Actively seek and develop relationships with churches, communities, and other shared values-based organizations and individuals
    • Visibly represent the Center within the community and organizations
    • Seek and accept speaking opportunities to present the Center to organizations
    • Develop promotional material for distribution within the community
  • Build relationships with potential donors and organize fundraising efforts that promote awareness for the Center and ensure its financial viability to fulfill its mission and goals 

Individual or Oversight Accountabilities

  • Ensure that client records are maintained accurately and up to date
  • Ensure timely follow-up of clients
  • Oversee scheduling of staff and volunteers
  • Ensure that employee time sheets and payroll records are accurately maintained 
  • Maintain close communication with staff for awareness and early intervention of needs, opportunities, or issues that may impact the Center 
  • Oversee preparation of a monthly newsletter to be sent to supporters
  • Coordinate with the Board development of an annual calendar for ministry and special events.

To Apply

 email boardpresident@emphc.org